Farm&City is hosting a series of discussions to empower the people of Austin with stories about regional growth that can lead to the future we want.

Three breakfast events will culminate in a fourth full-morning final event. Panels of local experts for each topic – parking, affordability, sustainability, and regional growth – will respond to a series of reports released at each event.

Parking was the subject of our first panel. You can watch the video here, and read the details below. Tickets are available for our discussions on sustainability and regional growth.


Have you ever wondered how much the humble parking spot:

  • 1) limits affordable housing
  • 2) limits your access to transit and walkable places
  • 3) costs the people of Austin
  • 4) contributes to destroying the planet for human habitation
  • 5) causes traffic?


Dan Hennessey, P.E., PTOE is BIG RED DOG’s Director of Transportation Services. Dan holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Dan Hennessey has extensive experience in multimodal transportation planning, transportation design, and traffic operations analysis. He provides multimodal design, operations analysis, and alternative evaluation. Leveraging his background in detailed design, Dan works with local agencies to provide feasible solutions to transportation issues that work from an operations and design perspective and meet the needs of the community.

Curtis Rogers managed enterprise clients for Zimride and Lyft, working with universities, non-profits, small businesses, corporations, and municipalities. I created and managed Lyft’s first enterprise product and led efforts on designing commute plans, guaranteed ride home programs, and events.

His successful transformation of the Lyft headquarters employee parking policy is chronicled in an Bloomberg Business Week animated graphic article.

Mary Pustejovsky enjoys walking, riding her bike with her three girls, and taking the bus. Some days she begrudgingly drives the car, but wishes it didn’t have to be that way. In her day job, she works for, delivering awesome solutions that help nonprofit organizations to achieve their missions. Being raised Catholic has left her with a strong concern for social justice. She is a board member of AURA and works to create a city that is safer and more equitable for all residents.