Farm&City is hosting a series of discussions to empower the people of Austin with stories about regional growth that can lead to the future we want.

Three breakfast events will culminate in a fourth full-morning final event. Panels of local experts for each topic – parking, affordability, sustainability, and regional growth – will respond to a series of reports released at each event.

Tickets are available for our remaining discussions on sustainability and regional growth.

Affordability was the subject of our second panel.

Read our exclusive report that details the surprising revelation that residents of urban, more dense areas of Austin spend comparatively less of their income on housing and transportation than those in rural or suburban parts of the city.

You can watch our discussion here, and read the event description below.


Affordability is a complex question. At the very least, we must include transportation costs as they vary across the metropolis in any meaningful analysis or programs to help people with affordable housing. At best, we can fix our land development code, deploy a suite of diverse interventions, and invest in an Austin where everyone who wants to live here can do so, comfortably and with dignity.



David Steinwedell is President and CEO of Affordable Central Texas. David has over 35 years of national real estate experience across all property types and has led professional teams in acquisitions, asset management, debt and property management.  He has worked at fund advisors, REITs and in real estate investment banking. David is a graduate of Hamilton College and has served on the boards of NAREIM and the Tritt Foundation. David and his wife, Patty, reside in Austin and have raised three children in the city.